About Us

We have spent the last 20 years in the toy, game, and consumer electronic industries running product development and manufacturing. Having worked with global brands and dealing with different regulations country by country the safety of our products has always been paramount. Creating products that are safe and fun for kids has been a key component of our work. We got a great amount of satisfaction from releasing a successful product that kids and  adults love and play with. In 2019 we launched Canninvent, allowing us to apply our skills and this passion to an industry that we have always personally loved; cannabis. After all, it has helped us in developing some of our coolest and most successful products in other industries, why not apply it to the industry that helped us so much in our creative process!

Our understanding of the safety regulations and protocols around toys and electronics has been the perfect segway into the complex safety and regulations of cannabis packaging. We have created functional, design oriented packaging to help cannabis brands take their product to the next level. By pre-certifying our packaging as Child Resistant we are able to save our clients significant time and cost, while still allowing for creative flexibility.

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