Calling All Cannabis Inventors

Have you ever noticed that you formulate your best ideas — unintentionally?

Whether you’re harvesting your cannabis crop or planting seeds, it’s when you aren’t trying to come up with new ideas that a eureka moment appears.

Maybe you envision an industry-changing product for the cannabis market or brand design that’ll give your company a boost in attention.

However, daydreaming about an idea and turning a design into reality are on two different spectrums. If you have an idea that you’re ready to move forward with, it’s time to leave the hesitation behind and get it on the production line.

Read along to discover CannaIP — CannInvent’s flagship product incubator. Learn about CannIP and how it can transform your dreams into reality.

What is CannIP?

Cannabis Intellectual Property, or CannIP (/ˈkænəpi/), is the innovative branch of CannInvent. In a nutshell, CannIP is an incubator that ensures your upcoming cannabis project reaches its potential.

CannInvent understands that the mind is filled with creative thoughts that have innovative potential. Most ideas, however, never see the light of day for a multitude of reasons. Whether it’s because of a lack of funds, time, or a mentor’s absence, it’s easy to understand why most ideas never become more than just ideas.

This is where CannInvent comes in.

Instead of allowing ideas rich with creativity to stagnate, CannInvent unveiled CannIP. Now, innovators, creatives, and inventors can bring their product ideas to the table.

From ideation to the final product, CannIP is with you every step of the way. CannInvent’s knowledgeable staff is prepared to take on product design, licensing, and manufacturing — so you don’t have to.

What Types of Products Can CannIP Assist With?

The cannabis industry is ripe with opportunity.

From boutique-grade marijuana flowers to cannabis packaging, nearly anything associated with the cannabis industry is in-demand. Luckily for you, CannIP’s versatility allows you to produce a wide array of products for the cannabis industry.

You’ll enjoy a streamlined experience with CannIP, from product design, licensing, and, eventually, the production line.

Let’s take a look.


Hardware for cannabis products are crucial components that are always in-demand.

Whether you have an innovative idea for an atomizer or a temperature control unit, CannIP is ready to help lift your idea off the ground.


All cannabis products must be packaged.

In other words, the demand for compliant cannabis packaging is sky-high. If you have a groundbreaking design that you want to bring to market, CannIP is your ideal partner.

Novelty Products

The cannabis industry is filled with sub-industries that offer everything from t-shirts to posters. Novelty cannabis products are part of a growing trend, and there’s no better time than now to let your creative ideas hit the market.


The cannabis industry loves accessories.

Cannabis accessories, such as grinders, dab tools, quartz bangers, and smell-proof cases, are examples of available products. If you have an idea that will transform cannabis accessories, it’s time to contact CannInvent today.

Create The Cannabis Products of Tomorrow

If you’re ready to transform the cannabis industry with revolutionary products, CannInvent’s CannIP is here to help.

Whether a fleeting thought or a lifelong dream, your ideas deserve to see the light of day. If you’re ready to create the cannabis products of tomorrow — contact CannInvent today.