Brand recognition isn’t something that just magically happens.

The overall quality, availability, price-point, labeling, and packaging of a cannabis product comes together to represent your brand. If one of these aspects is amiss, your brand may sink into the unrecognizable abyss.

As the cannabis industry revs its engine, the clock is ticking to help your brand shine among the throngs of competing companies.

Of all the ways to garner attention for your brand, there’s no better choice than its packaging. Consumers are always on the look-out for something new, which is why a product package design is crucial in today’s competitive market.

If you’re ready to separate the wheat from the chaff, read along to discover how you can use cannabis packaging to boost your brand’s image.

The First TouchPoint

Realty professionals always talk about location, location, location. Before a prospective homeowner walks through the door, they first consider what the surrounding area looks like.

The same goes for cannabis products, in which the product itself isn’t the star of the show. Instead, the packaging is the primary focal point, which can make or break a sale.

Cannabis packaging is the first touchpoint for all consumers. Regardless if a client is purchasing a vape cartridge or a gram of Skywalker OG shatter, the packaging is the first aspect of the product that they experience.

The Benefits of Unique Cannabis Packaging

Most cannabis companies utilize stock package designs because they are readily available. Furthermore, many cannabis brands don’t see the value in the packaging itself.

However, we’re here to tell you that packaging means everything.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using distinct cannabis packaging designs.

Stand Out Among The Rest

First and foremost, distinct cannabis packaging helps your brand stand out in the sea of cannabis brands.

Remember, the cannabis industry is a multi-billion dollar force — with no signs of slowing down. As you can imagine, thousands of new cannabis brands enter the market every year. As each brand fights for a piece of the cannabis-industry-pie, the competition rate exponentially increases.

However, the saturation of cannabis brands is a blessing in disguise.

Since most cannabis brands utilize the same packaging supplies for their marijuana products, you have a chance to stand out by using unique cannabis packaging.

Compare CannIvent’s Switchblade to the dime-a-dozen pre-roll tubes found at every cannabis dispensary in town. Consumers are always on the hunt for top-shelf products that look cool — and the Switchblade fits the part.

Increase a Products Value

Consumers work hard for their paycheck, so they will always opt for cannabis products that leave them in awe.

Many cannabis consumers will overlook lackluster cannabis products if the packaging wows them. The better the packaging design, the more it’s inherently worth it. Overall, unique cannabis packaging, such as the Roach Pack and Bolo Box is designed to impress.


Many cannabis companies utilize non-compliant packaging, which not only poses a risk to children but also looks cheap.

Most adults agree that cannabis brands should implement packaging designs that reduce kids’ risk of getting into a carelessly forgotten product. As the cannabis industry matures, consumers appreciate safe packaging to protect those around them.

For instance, the Squeeze and Twist from CannInvent offer discrete locking functions and awe-inspiring designs.

Take Your Cannabis Brand To The Front Of The Line

By harnessing the help of CannInvent’s cannabis packaging products, you can fast track your brand into the spotlight.


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