Of all the changes that have reshaped the marijuana sector, none are as important as compliance.

Seemingly thrust into the spotlight overnight, the overall cannabis industry was forced to sink or swim. If you decided to join the compliant bandwagon, your brand likely still exists today.
Alternatively, non-compliant brands are left to roam in the shadows of the black market. Under threat of license revocations and penalties, there is little incentive to remain non-compliant.

Aside from a license to own and operate a cannabis-based business, brands must utilize cannabis-specific packaging. Read along to discover the intricacies of compliant package regulations in the cannabis industry. From child-resistant designs to visual barriers, cannabis packaging is the first step of compliance in the ever-changing cannabis industry.

Unintended Consequences

The psychoactive effects of THC aren’t for everyone — especially children.
Regulators across the nation unanimously agreed that there must be a standard that the cannabis industry abides by. Although each legal state has the authority to create its own cannabis laws, the packaging is something that most regulators can agree on. As regulators inspected standard practices at cannabis dispensaries and delivery services, the results were shocking. Nearly all cannabis products were unlabeled, untested, and, worst of all, packaged in non-resealable containers that were a far cry from being child-resistant.
Soon after, regulators agreed that all cannabis packaging must be child-resistant. However, what does child-resistant mean?

Child-resistant packaging must meet this criterion:

● Difficult for children under the age of 5 to open
● Opaque packaging so children and adults can’t discern what is inside
● Resealable
● Affixed with warnings, labels, and lab results

As you can see, the primary goal of requiring child-resistant packaging is to avoid unintended consequences. By taking the necessary steps to prevent children from consuming cannabis products, the cannabis industry is proving its maturity. Choosing The Best Packaging For Your Cannabis Products Long gone are the days of cannabis-infused Rice Krispy treats wrapped in cellophane. Now, high-end cannabis packaging solutions are your ticket to enter the cannabis industry with compliance in mind.

However, not all cannabis packaging solutions are created equal. At first glance, it may seem that all the packaging options are similar. Once you delve further, you’ll quickly notice a chasm that separates the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Remember, you must choose cannabis packaging that meets local regulators’ demands, such as re-sealable and challenging to open. If you buy cannabis packaging that is re-sealable and opaque, but not child-resistant, you are not compliant.
If you purchase cannabis packaging that doesn’t provide enough space for labels and warnings, you’ll fail the compliance test. Therefore, you need to find a versatile cannabis packaging solution that meets your needs — and that of regulators.

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