The words augmented reality typically stir thoughts of a distant sci-fi future. However, AR technology is available now and provides users with an entirely new way to view products. At CannInvent, we’ve taken steps to adopt AR technology to offer clients a streamlined method for viewing our cannabis packaging products. Read along to discover how CannInvent is pushing the envelope by adopting AR’s innovative technology and what it means for you and your brand.




 What is Augmented Reality?


 Augmented reality is a cutting-edge technology that allows users to see digital elements within a live view through a smartphone. Augmented reality provides users with an interactive experience of a product that does not exist in a real-world environment. For example, as you point your smartphone camera towards the street, the screen will show the road’s live view. However, an app that reads AR-based information can overlay the data to present a digital object to the real-world environment.


Anything can be digitized into an augmented reality view. Because of this versatility, leading brands, such as Nike, Apple, and Snapchat, are rolling out AR-based applications.


 Why CannInvent Uses AR Technology


 CannInvent’s core belief is to pair innovative designs with compliant cannabis packaging solutions. However, AR technology provides us with a new way to interact with clients. As the world trades in-person meetings for Zoom conferences, we believe there’s no better time than now to incorporate AR technology to allow clients to view our cannabis packaging products.


 At CannInvent, we provide cannabis packaging products that are fully customizable. From the overall outer logo to the laminate, clients can pick and choose a myriad of options to make the packaging unique to their brand. However, the initial samples must first be made. Once created, the samples must be shipped to the client. Overall, this process is time-consuming for the client. We decided we needed to fill the gap between waiting times with the help of augmented reality.


In other words, we believe that a digital representation allows clients to view product samples and adjust them if need be quickly. By reducing wait times, clients can finalize their orders and quickly receive their cannabis packaging products. Lastly, we decided to adopt AR technology to stay ahead of the curve. As augmented reality becomes more widespread, we believe that our clients can benefit from this up-and-coming technology.


 Ultimately, we chose to harness AR technology’s capability with the idea that clients will have rapid viewing access to their cannabis packaging designs.




 View Cannabis Packaging Solutions From Home


 CannInvent embeds small paper products with digital elements. As you use your smartphone to view the paper, your cannabis package appears through your smartphone’s screen. Now, you can view CannInvent’s cannabis packaging products from the comfort of your home. The 3D image allows you to view the product in its entirety, such as how it opens and its many features. However, AR technology is not just for those who wish to view products from home. Many cannabis entrepreneurs or brands are incredibly busy and on the move. With the help of AR technology, you can view our cannabis packaging solutions anywhere.




 Contactless Viewing Experience




 Given the ongoing situation of COVID-19, the world embraces contactless technology.
With the help of augmented reality, you can view products in the safety of your own home. Similar to Zoom meetings, AR technology allows you to view products without handling them.
Streamlined, Efficient, and Sustainable. By adopting AR technology, CannInvent offers a streamlined, efficient, and sustainable experience. By viewing product designs via your smartphone, you will have a better idea of your packaging without having to wait for a sample. Not only does this make your experience streamlined, it allows us to produce the final product efficiently. Furthermore, by viewing the product, you will have a clear understanding of how your cannabis products will fit within the packaging.
If you see something that’s off, you can simply inform us. As we adjust your design, we’ll have it back to you in half the time it would take to redesign and ship out a new sample. Lastly, augmented reality allows CannInvent to reduce its carbon footprint by requiring fewer samples and shipping. By reducing our overall carbon footprint, we believe that CannInvent’s AR technology use is in line with our sustainability goals.
Does AR Technology Replace Tangible Samples?
Yes and no.
AR-generated samples provide a glimpse of what your final product could look like. However, nothing can replace how a final product looks and feels once it’s in your hand. However, CannInvent’s AR-based samples are an innovative way for your brand to choose from many product designs without the wait.
Enhance Your Experience With AR Technology Augmented reality is an emerging tool to view and interact with products. At CannInvent, we utilize AR technology to help our clients immerse themselves in our products. By seeing the product in its entirety, clients can efficiently choose designs that will suit their cannabis products. We even offer this as a service to take your brands marketing to the next level!
Why You Should Try AR Technology With CannInvent- Ultimately, time is money.
Although CannInvent can produce samples quickly, there is always a wait time in regards to shipping. If your brand would rather streamline its efforts to create customized cannabis packaging, AR-based examples are ideal. If you’re ready to experience the next frontier of cannabis packaging design, look no further than CannInvent. Once you decide which cannabis packaging product or design works best, you’ll have the final product in your hands in no time.
Don’t wait — the future is now. Contact CannInvent today for a demo and experience our cannabis product lineup via augmented reality.