As a cannabis brand, you must focus on many fronts to appease regulators, clients, and consumers. From child-resistant packaging to versatile use-cases, cannabis packaging solutions are equally important as the product within. For today’s product spotlight, we’ll take a deep dive into the Switchblade.

Read along to discover everything that makes the Switchblade a must-have for your cannabis brand. You’ll learn what sets the Switchblade apart from other cannabis packaging products, how it works, and its many use cases.

How The Switchblade Works

As you gaze at the Switchblade, you’ll quickly notice that this isn’t a run-of-the-mill cannabis packaging product. As you unlock the child-resistant certified mechanism, the Switchblade elegantly unfolds into a showcase for the cannabis product within.
The Switchblade utilizes a three-pronged system. First, the hinged slipcase is moved to the side to expose the paperboard sleeve. Once exposed, a child-resistant swtich is pressed to release the sliding tray.
Once unlocked, the sliding tray smoothly pulls out to reveal cannabis pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, or vape cartridges.

Child-Resistant Packaging

One of the essential aspects that cannabis brands must consider is regulatory compliance. As more states require comprehensive compliance measures, your brand must utilize cannabis packaging solutions that put child-safety first.
The Switchblade utilizes a child-resistant lock that conforms to all regulatory standards. The locking mechanism must be disengaged to open the sliding tray that holds cannabis products.

The Switchblade is pre-approved and pre-certified for use in the United States and abroad.

Unique Consumer Experience

It’s well known that packaging can influence a consumer’s purchasing decision. The vast majority of cannabis packaging products lack inventiveness and do not catch the consumer’s eye. Alternatively, the Switchblade’s opening mechanism provides customers with a unique experience. Aside from child-resistance, the Switchblade is built to engage with consumers to amplify their overall product experience.
As a cannabis brand, the overall cannabis product’s value increases as the consumer engages with multiple touchpoints.

The Switchblade’s Versatility

Furthermore, the Switchblade is versatile. The insert within the tray is fully customizable and can be altered to fit specific cannabis products. Cannabis pre-rolls, concentrates, flowers, and vape cartridges feel at home within the Switchblade.
Additionally, the Switchblade’s outer shell is fully customizable, and you can choose the design to fit your brand’s needs. Lastly, the Switchblade isn’t just a packaging solution for your cannabis products — it’s a showcase. As consumers unfurl the Switchblade, the professionally designed package enhances your cannabis products’ overall visual effect. From start to finish, cannabis enthusiasts will experience your cannabis products in an entirely new light.

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